Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Music Tuesday!

Okay, maybe not Tuesday but whatever.... growing up I always looked forward to Tuesdays as the day that all albums were released. Way before the Internet I would watch in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday for the list of what was going to drop (see, I'm hip).
These days an album can show up on any given day or in any given store. Example: the latest AC/DC CD "Black Ice" is a Walmart exclusive. You can only buy it there. Another example: The Eagles last CD "Long Road Out of Eden" was also a Walmart exclusive. Guns n' Roses new "Chinese Democracy" was supposed to be a Best Buy exclusive but I bought mine on Itunes. Go figure.
These days a CD can be pirated on the Internet so easy that an artist will go to great lengths to protect their music. Many an album just "shows up" for sale on say, a Thursday. Times have changed. It's not as much fun for me as it used to be. I have always had music as a sort of a hobby. Not being all that athletic I tended to ingest all I could know about an album and how it was created..... who wrote all the songs, who produced it etc.
I estimate that I own around 2500 Cd's. That is a conservative guess. It's probably more. A bunch more. I admit I buy a lot of music. I always have. It is not unusual for me to spend a couple of hours looking through a record store. A record store to me is Ameoba records in Hollywood and not Best Buy. At Best Buy you can get the latest mega seller CD from a Britney/Beyonce' type but you will not find the remaster of Kiki Dee's second american release that was produced by Elton John in 1974. It is that kind of minutiae that I like about music. There are not that many people that like to sit around and TALK about something that you listen to. I do have a couple of friends that, like me, are REALLY into the music that they listen to.
When I started this blog thing my intention was to include this aspect of my life in it. It will not just be Pomona-centric. Maybe I can turn someone onto some music that they wouldn't generally listen to. I hope so, for there is a huge amount of music that gets passed on by the masses. It would probably surprise you that many, many of the albums that make up say, the Rolling Stone 500 best albums list were sold in paltry numbers. Example: both of the debut albums by the Ramones and The Sex Pistols have sold less than 500,000 copies in 30+ years. Those albums have been cited as influences by groups that have sold millions of albums, such as Green Day. Their "American Idiot" has sold over 15 million copies. I own two copies myself.
Anyways...... stop back for my take on some cd's that you might like to get yourself. I will review some new releases and write about some of my old favorites. My taste is all over the place, lately I have been on a cheesy 70's kick. Stuff that you NEVER hear on the radio such as "Chevy Van" by Sammy Johns and "Doctors Orders" by Carol Douglas. Stupid fun songs that were huge hits back in the day.
You never know what I am listening to. Stay tuned!


meg said...

Do you, like me, check out the NMT freebies on iTunes every week? That's turned me onto some cool stuff.

Since the advent of the mp3, I have moved away from the album/cd and toward the individual song. Most of my music-listening is now via computer or iPod (with or without fancy JBL speakers), so I'm a playlist girls.

Mark said...

Hi Meg,
Yes, I always check out the free stuff. I have not really liked much of the itunes freebies.
I did like a track from Shiny Toy Guns last year, "Le Disko"
It probably helped that they openned at a Bob Mould concert I had just saw at the El Rey.
It also turned me onto Duffy.

John Clifford said...

While I'm not as obsessive about music as you are, I'm also interested in the minutiae of the music that I listen to, so can appreciate where you're coming from. Unfortunately for this blog, my tastes run more toward jazz, blues, and "pop music of my life," that being mainly stuff I listened to when I was in my teens through my early thirties (1960s-80s).

Having yammered on about that, I welcome the opportunity to be exposed to some new stuff. Afterall, Man Does Not Live by Miles alone. I probably won't be showing off my ignorance by commenting on this type of post, but I'm definitely out here reading. Keep up the good work. This is what blogging is all about.