Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grace Jones "Hurricane" 2008

The Guns n' Roses CD was not the only artist we have had to wait for 17 years for new music.
Grace Jones new CD is "Hurricane" and it friggin' great. I have been a fan for years and while some of her past music can be a tad frivolous this new CD is a sonic blast. Always a great visual artist she has 9 new songs to put forth a whole package. Check out her new video "Corporate Criminal" on It is incredible. To me it sounds very industrial, like she had been listening to Nine Inch Nails. Never the best singer (I admit that half of her appeal is presentation) her voice has been layered to great effect on this CD. Former Prince protege's Wendy & Lisa also contributed a song. The CD is great.
The bad news is that it is, so far, only being issued in Europe but is available as an import. For the life of me I never understand how music is marketed. It is obvious that a lot of money and effort went into the project, why not make it available for those that want to experience it?
Worth your while.

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