Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello... is there anyone out there?

I was feeling left out of the cyber-world so I decided to set-up my own blog.

I am not sure that anyone will be all that interested in my thoughts but that is okay with me.
This years election is on my mind constantly and the world is seemingly falling apart so I will use this space to vent, laugh and possibly weep uncontrollably.

Please join me but you'll need to bring your own tissues.


Carole said...

Hey Mark! What a great idea! Of course someone is out know you can run, BUT you can NEVER hide from your Mother! :-)

gimpyforever said...
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gimpyforever said...

hey, or should i say lol...even in paducah, ky they are interested in your thoughts on just about any subject!! especially the fabulous things that occur in pomona...everyone needs to vent/express their feelings/opinions, most people don't, me i'm trying to get over my shy, unaproachable, timid nature!!! lol

love you and pomona always, gimpy xx

Mel Veeta said...

The sky is falling!!!!! As is everything else.

Carole said...

Hi Mark! Well, it had to happen here in the burbs. I am beginning to see "those" signs in our area, where else...on a CHURCH! My first reaction was to stop the car and rip the thing to shreds, but I thought better of it after I considered that they might have surveillance cameras. I guess I am supposed to appreciate that this is America and consider their right to free speech, but It still incenses me that a CHURCH could endorse a proposition denying their own American citizens the same privileges and civil rights they enjoy and justify it because they've set themselves up as judge and a self-appointed emissary of God! I thought all that judgment was supposed to be left up to the "Big Guy" himself and NOT ordinary human beings. What hypocrisy! To use the cloak of religion as an argument against homosexuality is the height of ignorance and the antithesis of remotely qualifying as a human being!! (In my humble opinion) You may have to raise bail money yet. :-)

Ed said...

Mark, just found you via the GoP blog. Thanks for dropping another Pomona lane on the highway.

I guess we have a Pomona version of a newspaper....dysfunctional, uniquely different, always entertaining, and certainly non-discriminating.

Sorry Prop 8 was passed, here's hoping the revision argument or "equal opporunity" resonates with the Justices.